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Mega trends are a gift, an influencer, a collaborator, Providing high appealing contents

Mega trends are a gift, an influencer, a collaborator, Providing high appealing contents

The women’s wear industry started full-fledged summer sales with a daytime temperature exceeding 20 degrees. Online, SPA, single-item As street brands with high competitiveness are raising sales, department store ladies’ dresses have been competing for sales price competition. Not only simple sales, but also products, entertainment, and attractions to meet the diverse tendencies of customers who pursue a variety of lifestyles are becoming more and more popular. It is a strategy to actively communicate with consumers and form cosensus.

‘Tirene’ works on art collaboration with nail artist ONUU is a celebrity nail artist who is enthusiastically loved by women in their 10s and 30s through SNS. Nail artists who are famous for their creative and unique efforts have also collaborated with various brands such as Justijin, Audi, Est Lauder and Dressing Diva.

Unique illustrations and sophisticated colors are available in a variety of items, including dresses, t-shirts, skirts, pants and accessories. It will be available at the Tire Department Store in Korea. From May 18, Lotte Busan and Hyundai Pangyo will launch the collabo Pop-up Store at Lotte Jamsil. At all department stores, customers will receive Onew Cola Booney stickers on a first-come first-served basis.

‘DUEL’ presents ‘REPUBLIC DEWL’ Summer Collection, a second line that stands for ‘Normal Crush’. As a gift, I present a PVC bag that has emerged as a mega trend in the fashion industry recently. The Summer Collection is made up of practical items aimed at younger customers.

It features a youthful t-shirt, sleeveless, and an easy-to-wear unique long dress with pointed lettering and graphic detailing in street moods. Season items such as windbreakers and swim sets are also newly proposed. In addition, clear bag set gift more than 400,000 won first-come-first-served basis. This is a high-quality product that combines practicality and style with a set of pouches that utilize seasonal trend items such as transparent PVC material clear back and summer signature stripe pattern.

Even though the products are not sold in the store, it is a hot response to the inquiries of customers who want to purchase separately. Republique DUEL is also launching an advertising campaign with ‘GO Hyo Ju’, a Korean dancer skater. Hyundai is a skateboarder and creator who has more than 130,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel, through skating started as a hobby to escape the daily life of monotonous workers. Fendi, Dior and other global brands.

‘Lin’ has a special collaboration with ceramic artist Kim Ha-yoon and presents extended lifestyle contents in the store. With the launch of the new Lynn Ceremony collection this season, I wanted to express the specialness and beauty of clothes as objects and spaces. We want to maximize the image by conveying the brand story and value to the consumers beyond the product.

The Ceremony Collaboration Object was first presented at Hyundai Department Store Trade Center. In addition to Rin Ceremony, Twig New York tableware is also exhibited by Kim Hae Yun. Ceramic artist Kim Ha Yoon runs a studio called Another Ceramic and works with Twig New York as a writer with American artist Molly Hatch and Brittany Jepsen.

Currently, he is in charge of directing the ceramic parts of ZAZEN BEAR, a lifestyle brand in New York. Paris Masion & Objet, and Salone del Mobile in Milan, as well as actively participating in international art fairs.

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